Morning Eagle - Something Will Find You SWR017


Being lost in your early thirties can feel like a monotonous reality or an eternal reverie. For Long Beach's Nicholas May, this sentiment served as the creative fuel for "Something Will Find You,” a musical endeavor under the moniker of Morning Eagle. Unraveling a tapestry of unmet expectations, faltering relationships, and the tempting allure of the past, "Something Will Find You" emerges as an EP consisting of four stirring songs, gracefully spanning just over 12 minutes. The record's thoughtful sequencing and the emotionally charged finale, "Monarch," transcend the boundaries of a traditional EP, evoking the atmospheric grandeur of a full-length LP. Morning Eagle's distinctive sonic landscape unfolds with swirling guitars, interwoven with distorted basslines, which serve as the canvas for May’s distinctive somber melodies. “Something Will Find You” encapsulates a cathartic release – an unapologetic portrayal of self-discovery and artistic vulnerability. Despite the robust sound, Nick May is solely responsible for the lush sonic landscape of this record. With each song, listeners embark on a transformative journey, one that leaves an indelible mark on the soul.


Pressing Information

/40 Lathe Cut Black