Fluung - The Vine SWR009


Fluung is a Seattle-based trio composed of Donald Wymer (guitar/vocals), Joe Holcomb (bass/vocals) and Drew Davis (drums/percussion). Despite only having three members, the band’s sound is full and loud, an all-encompassing sonic experience that nods to ‘90s guitar rock like Dinosaur Jr. while world-building and storytelling like classic rock artists such as Crazy Horse and Neil Young in a modern context. Fluung’s style of guitar rock captures the energy of modern American working life: the griminess and constant trudge of constantly working while reflecting the existential and introspective moments spent at home, in your car after clocking out, before you fall asleep at night.

The album begins with the insistent thudding of just the kick drum, an urgency propelling the first song “Hold On” into brilliant action. Prior releases by Fluung like the Big River EP in 2020 or 2019’s Satellite Weather were equally full of brilliant riffs, but The Vine is by far its most energetic release. While hearty guitar solos still blossom in pockets between verses and choruses, these songs trade the patient meandering for more direct songs that are briefer in run time but still packed with catchy riffs and vocal melodies ripe for singalongs in a crowded room.

The titular single “The Vine'' shows what makes Fluung so special. It’s a dynamic song with a richness on the low end, wistful melodies and a shredding guitar solo that’ll get stuck in your head all day. It’s the kind of song that you can submerge yourself in, listening to it just a bit too loud.

Pressing Information

Black Vinyl /200