Morning Eagle - Fantasy Parade SWR006


"Fantasy Parade was written and recorded immediately after Slide was released, but encompasses more of May’s vision of what the music should be and how it should be curated. May combines psychedelic punk with grunge and shoegaze, and on his new album he aims to please fans still yearning for the vibes of the ’90s alternative scene."


Multi-instrumentalist Nick May has really outdone himself with this one. After debut EP "Slide", and new single "Evergreen" leading the way, Morning Eagle is back with a new EP on cassette, Fantasy Parade. Listening through this EP for this first time, I found myself banging my head in parts, grooving in other parts, and ultimately begging Nick to play these songs live. These songs are louder than the last, but not at all less intimate. Every song on this EP has evoked some nostalgia for many artists I have called my favorites in my life, all across my life. I was reminded of bands like Self, The Breeders, and even Grandaddy,

This ones worth a listen from front to back. And as usual, play it loud.

Pressing Information

Pink Cassette /25