Porch Wine - Twelve Minutes SWR001


The first thing I said when Ryen told me that she was writing music with a band was “Let me put out the tape.” I trusted her wholeheartedly, but even still, when I heard the recordings, I was beyond impressed. Porch Wine of Lansing, MI consists of Ryen, Jory, Nick, and Brandi all coming from different backgrounds of musical interest, pulling together something that impresses me on every listen. The music boasts hints of the alternative music of the nineties that myself and many other young people spent their adolescence falling in love with, creating something very welcoming, but with modern sensibilities, so it does not feel like a rehash of another band. I think the magic of the “Twelve Minutes” ep is how much every member focused in on the venn diagram of interest, influence, and taste between each other and created something that is so powerful, engaging and entertaining.

I am so thankful to call Porch Wine friends and I am flipping that I get to put out their first release. “Twelve Minutes” is out now as the first release under Setterwind Records on CD and Cassette. Buy it digitally from their bandcamp page.


Pressing Information

White Cassettes /20
CDs /50